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The Challenge: How to To Congratulate Students Individually with Video?

When you’re a storied school with a picturesque campus in Honolulu, dynamic camera- friendly students and top-notch production team, you might think that all of your video needs are well taken care of. But a question lingered for Leslie So'oalo, 'Iolani's Stewardship Manager- What is the best way to deliver this exceptional content? This question led ‘Iolani to join the ThankView family, and what started as an original means of thanking donors turned into a way to transform all types of communication.

‘Iolani had previously used acknowledgement letters, receipts, and phone calls to touch base and thank donors. In order to make their donors feel important, ‘Iolani turned to the incredible videos being produced by their in-house team. The videos were sent out through email linking to YouTube or Vimeo which offer limited viewership metrics and do not allow for the amount of personalization they sought after.

After attending their first ThankView training, Leslie and the rest of the ‘Iolani team began to explore the platform, eager to figure out just how many ways they could use ThankView. “Not only can we use this to thank our donors,” So’oalo said, “but we can do so much more.” One of the ideas that came out of this brainstorm session was a congratulations campaign to students who recently received an acceptance to ‘Iolani’s new residence hall.

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ThankView Solution: Combine a Personalized Video with A Generic Video for Maximum Personalization

‘Iolani students welcoming recently accepted new students.

The videos for this campaign featured a personalized introduction, congratulating each accepted student before cutting to a generic video that highlighted life at ‘Iolani. The campaign was an overwhelming success, with an 84.5% open rate, 138 total video views, and 13 clicks on the call to action button, which drove recipients to a page to complete their enrollment. This innovative video also inspired us here at ThankView to enhance our own video capabilities-- our feature that allows you to append personalized videos to generic ones resulted from our awe of ‘Iolani’s videos.

‘Iolani has followed up the residential admissions acceptance campaign with several other unique campaigns. They have used ThankView to share moments on campus with their donors, including May Day celebrations as well as the final bell on the seniors’ last day of classes. They have also began working on birthday campaigns, for which So’oalo is eager to take advantage of ThankView’s automation: “The ThankView automation allows us to use a set it and forget it method by streamlining the production while continuing to ensure our donors receive personalized and thoughtful communication.”

“With ThankView, we can create meaningful experiences for the donor that goes beyond the standard thank-you. This coupled with the simplicity of navigating through the platform makes it a smarter and faster way to engage and cultivate relationships.”

The simplicity of everything while navigating the platform has made ‘Iolani eager to find more use cases for ThankView than they originally had in mind. “With ThankView, you don't have to work harder. You can just work smarter,” said So’oalo.

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