Big Brothers Big Sisters Kansas City Transforms Communication with Donors Using ThankView

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The Challenge: How to Achieve Customized Outreach at Mass Scale?

Former Jayhawk football star, Justin Pessetto started his career at the Creighton University’s Athletic Department and for the American Heart Association before landing the role of Individual Giving Manager at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City.

In 2017, his team decided to use ThankView to revamp their communication with donors, strengthening relationships and increasing personalization. They have used ThankView for a myriad of reasons, such as wishing donors a Happy Valentine’s Day or inviting them to events. In doing so, Big Brothers Big Sisters has been able to show donors in a personalized way just how much their impact means.

Prior to using ThankView, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City used a mixture of handwritten cards, phone calls, and emails to say thank you. Frustrated by being limited to only first name personalization with emails, Pessetto expressed an interested in finding a way to do customization on a mass scale. “You really can’t get too specific,” Pessetto said. “You can’t mention their family, or their alma mater, or birthday, or anything specific in a blanket email.” In order to really make sure donors understood how much their impact meant to everyone involved at Big Brothers Big Sisters, Pessetto sought a better way to communicate with donors.

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ThankView Solution: Targeted Campaigns to Keep the Message as Personal and On-Brand

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Upon joining ThankView, Pessetto was able to get set-up and start sending very quickly. “It’s just so user-friendly,” he said. Since completing his onboarding, Pessetto has sent out dozens of campaigns including the Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Bowl for Kids Sake fundraiser, their largest of the year. He has used ThankView to communicate bowling times with participants.

The birthday campaigns have also been a source of pride for Pessetto. Across the board, birthday ThankViews have had both a 69.2% open and clickthrough rate. “We even had a board member reply to it with a ThankView video, which is even cooler. She was just saying how cool this was and how she was blown away by our support,” Pessetto said. In creating the birthday videos, Pessetto and his team brought in props, such as balloons and streamers, and knocked out 40 unique ThankView videos in 25 minutes.

“By far, I think, [ThankView] has been the most impactful tool that we have had in our repertoire of stewardship and engagement.”

Their Results: High Open and Click Through Rates, More Donor Engagement

“[ThankView] is the easiest way for you to utilize and harness your personal brand and get that out to your constituents,” Pessetto said. “By far, I think, it has been the most impactful tool that we have had in our repertoire of stewardship and engagement.”

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